Do you use Discord? Perfect!

Join our Discord community now, get help and advice from other players and ours Admins. Experience at galactic speed as soon as something new awaits you in the cluster. Because one thing is certain: BlackGoatGaming is constantly evolving.

You are cordially invited to look for discussions in the Discord, win tribemembers and find alliances. You determine your path in ARK - but you don't have to do it alone.

Your benefits

  • Always stay informed with our changelogs and updates
  • Support
  • Auto Farming in the cluster with / farm
  • Rewards for the daily quests
  • better boss loot on The Island and Scorched Earth
  • Voice channels & cross-cluster chat
  • Your structures are retained for 21 days instead of just 7 days after you go offline

And this is how it works:

Create here your personal discord account, if you don't already have one.

If you already have a Discord account, please set under "User Settings" - "Privacy and Security" that you want to receive messages from server members.

Allow direct messages from server members

Enter this link in your discord account on the left under "Add server" and "Join server":


And you're in our welcome channel. Great, you made it halfway!

Our loyal bot greets you with a private message. In her you will find a similar combination of words like this one:

/ setdiscord discordname # 1234

Copy the word combination from your message, log into one of our servers and paste it into the chat window.

And don't forget to send it. 🙂

Now you look at your Discord window again. You got a private message from our bot. It also contains such a combination of words. Copy them and enter them in the chat window as well.

You send this message as well… and…. did it. Welcome to our Discord and have fun!