Server project on a donation basis

BlackGoatGaming is an unofficial donation-based server project. We ask for your support:

  • Donations in the donation store
  • Vote on the Deutsche Ark server list and at
  • Review in the Steam Workhop
  • Play in the BlackGoatCluster

For your support you get ARc. These are reward points that you can use to exchange items and animals in the game. You can access your ARc credit in the RewardVault.

For your donation in the Donation Store you can choose from numerous items, equipment, boss packs, color tokens, chibis and much more. what you like. And in a maximum of 15 minutes you will have it in your inventory.

Thank you for your help!

Donation Barometer May 2022


all donations for the BlackGoatGaming project

last update: 23.05.2022

That costs our server project

55% are server costs for the two root servers
This includes: hardware, operating system, backup storage cluster system, paid programs and maintenance

20% are costs for the plugins and mods for the server
These include: paid plugins and donations to modders
We support monthly: Bitou2K for the Mod Bitou2K's Binocular, Grebog for the Mods Creature Finder Deluxe and Happy Family, [HG] Hulk for the Mod HG Stacking, Legendardsreign for the Mod Super Structures, eco for the Mods eco's Garden Decor and eco's RP Decor and TimmyCarbine for the Mod TCs Auto Rewards

17% Website and discord
These include: paid plugins, donations to plugin creators, design, development and support
We support monthly: Ticket tool and Partybeast for Discord and Table Press for WordPress

5% Advertising, back office, reserves for project expansion

3% donation store
These include: Tebex (payment plugin for game servers)

Before a donation can cover the costs, the VAT and the costs for the payment service provider are first removed.
Example: someone donates 10 euros via Paypal. Of that, after taxes and what PayPal keeps, 7,55 euros are left over to cover the costs.

Cost coverage in the past months through donations:
April 2022: 59% the costs for the month of April are covered
March 2022: 67% the costs for the month of March are covered
February 2022: 92% the costs for the month of February are covered
January 2022: 56% the costs for the month of January are covered
December 2021: 96% the costs for the month of December are covered
November 2021: 83% the costs for the month of November are covered
October 2021: 42% the costs for the month of October are covered
September 2021: 33% the costs for the month of September are covered
August 2021: 50% the costs for the month of August are covered
July 2021: 71% the costs for the month of July are covered
June 2021: 80% the costs for the month of June are covered
May 2021: 91% the costs for the month of May are covered

All costs that are not covered by the donates are borne by Steinelfe and Werwolf.
Therefore we ask you to support the server as much as you can.
Only with the support of the community can this project survive.

More ARc for you

ARc is our in-game currency for the RewardVault. With this "play money" you buy animals, items or materials on our servers. You can also use ARc to trade.

There are many ways to get more ARc:

 How many?How?
New player500 ARc as starting creditimmediately when starting on Ragnarok in the RewardVault
Day gift50 ARc every 24 hours
Get a present of the day
For every hour of playCluster: 3 ARc
residences 15 ARc
in the RewardVault
Daily Achievements100 ARcin your inventory every day you Daily Hunter EXXtreme wirst
Vote2,50-10 Euro voucher per month for the Donation StoreAt the beginning of the next month as a code in the Discord
Vote5-125 ARc for each voteVote every 12h and then by Chat command Get / claim
Comment on1 x 5 euro voucher for the Donation Storeafter up to 7 days as a code in the Discord
Steam Workshop
donation storeyour decisionmax. 15 minutes via Donation Store, in the RewardVault
donation store

German Ark server list

To vote, you need your own account on the German Ark server list. With your account you can vote for 1 server from our cluster per day. We add up all the votes you leave on the server list for our servers during a calendar month. At the beginning of the following month, we create vouchers based on your votes:

5 votesVoucher: 2,50 euros for the donation store
12 votesVoucher: 5,00 euros for the donation store
18 votesVoucher: 7,50 euros for the donation store
25 votesVoucher: 10,00 euros for the donation store

Voucher codes are always available at the beginning of the following month in Discord channel # voucher-donation-store.

Redeemable in the categories

  • Weekly
  • ARc Points
  • Chibis
  • cluster

The vouchers are tied to your Steam ID and are not transferable. You can only redeem each voucher code once - any remaining credit expires.

Stack vouchers: Please write us a support ticket if you want to stack several vouchers into one.


Your advantages when voting on

  • collect your voting reward as soon as you have voted every 12 hours
  • Random ARc for each vote - between 5 and 125 ARc
  • on toparkserver you can also see how many players are playing in the cluster (updated every 10 minutes)
  • you can vote on toparkservers and on the German ARK server list if you like. thanks <3

How it works

  1. Account at
    Create an account at Toparkservers and connect it to your Steam account in your account settings.
  2. Vote
    Vote for Ragnarok. (Votes only possible on Ragnarok)
  3. Pick up the reward
    Gib / claim into the in-game chat. The command is not visible to others. With this you claim your ARc bars.
  4. Read in ARc
    Use your ARc bars with an "E" to read them into your RewardVault.

Monthly prizes for the top 3 toparkservers voters

1st place: 750 ARc
2st place: 500 ARc
3st place: 250 ARc

Payment via voucher code for the Donation Store. The voucher code is linked to your Steam ID. You can only redeem each voucher code once. The voucher code does not expire.
Winners will be in Discord channel # donation-store notified.

Steam Workshop

Feel free to leave us a comment and a thumbs up Steam Workshop! We thank you with a

5 euro voucher

You will find the code within 7 days in the Discord channel # voucher-donation-store.

Redeemable on

  • Weekly
  • ARc Points
  • Chibis
  • cluster

The vouchers are linked to your Steam ID and are not transferable. You can only redeem each voucher code once - the remaining “credit” expires

We use Tebex, an international and secure donation plugin for game servers.

You will receive all purchases within 15 minutes - at any time of the day or night.

Have a look around, we have a growing range of ARc, saddles, armor, weapons, Tek saddles, skins ...

How does the RewardVault work?

We use the mod TC's Auto Rewards.

This mod adds the Engram "RewardVault" at level 5 in the cluster and the season.

The RewardVault is a safe in which numerous offers for items, animals and materials are waiting for you. In it you will also find your beginners package on every map.

Learn the RewardVault engram.

Learn the engram.

Make the RewardVault.

Craft it in your inventory.

Set up the RewardVault.

And put the RewardVault up against a wall.

Access your RewardVault with "E" and open the Reward Menu.

With "E" you access your RewardVault. Click on the "Reward Menu".

The RewardVault shows your credit and all available packs that you can choose from.

In the Reward Menu you can see how many ARc you can spend.  

When you trade in something, you can find it in the Vault's inventory.

What you buy in your RewardVault ends up in its inventory.

Tip: Please take the animal out of the RewardVault after purchase. It will expire after 45 minutes if you don't unzip it with "E".