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Our servers

Here you can find the direct links to Steam. By clicking on the server name you will be directed to your Steam client from your browser.

If you want to add the server directly to your Steam favorites, go to "View" in Steam and select "Server". Then go to "Add server" and enter the IP that you can find here behind the server name. Click on “Add this address to the favorites” and you will have the server in your favorites.

Our mods you can subscribe in advance here in the Steam Workshop: STEAM WORKSHOP

Cluster PvP [Free travel between the maps via obelisks, drops and transmitters]
The Island
Scorched Earth
Crystal Isles

Extended cluster [Free travel to / from the cluster maps, access with "monthly rent"]
Residence Lanzarote (Whitelist)

PvP season, aberration with ORP, next season in 2021
BlackGoatSeason Aberration PvP [XP10-T10-H15-B50]

Long term PvP cluster

Our cluster has 10 Maps, between which you can always switch with your character and most items / animals. Ragnarok is the residential server for all players with indestructible Safebase and Beginner quests. Apartments Lanzarot is also a Safebase map, but with even more convenience. You pay monthly to access the residences a small rent. You can travel freely to all other maps in the cluster. On the maps outside of Ragnarok and the residences you will find Daily achievements and Quest lines for advanced players.

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Ragnarok, Genesis, The Island, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Extinction, Aberration and Scorched Earth

  • Ragnarok is the lightest map with indestructible safe base and ideal conditions for construction
  • Quest series for beginners on Ragnarok
  • Achievements and dailies on the non-Safebase maps (recommended from level 70)
  • Ragnarok, Genesis, The Island, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Extinction, Aberration and Scorched Earth: increasing difficulty with Off-line protection
  • Animals can be found on the mapsfrom which they originally come
  • Generated animals and items are here listed


The BlackGoatResidence servers are residential servers like Ragnarok, but with a few special features:

  • Server with whitelist (Restricted access) for 20-30 players each
  • more comfort standalone chat (without cluster chat) and exclusive Discord group
  • Animal limit per tribe 250 (instead of 175 on Ragna)
  • Unlimited resource inclusions in the Safebase, but very large resource spots are protected on the server side
  • more arc per hour of play (15 arcs instead of 3 arcs)
  • no structural deterioration
  • better breeding conditions (than on Ragna, worse than on the other maps)
  • two extensive Dekomodswhich are only available in our residences

Traveling to and from the residence works as usual in the cluster. Tame cages and complete buildings may remain on the map if they are freely accessible - everything outside the safebase may be destroyed, it remains PvP. Artifact cave / tek caves and spawn points must remain free.

Lanzarote (The Island)
Grand Canyon (Scorched Earth)

Access in the Donation Store

Cluster settings

  • Server cluster: Transfer between the above maps and the Residence servers
  • Cluster transfer: Default settings (see wiki)
  • XP multiplier 2,5 times (experience)
  • Harvest multiplier 5 times (harvested amount)
  • maximum level of wild creatures 150 (increased damage and increased resistance)
  • maximum player level 220 (170 +15 Tek Cave, +15 Rockwell, +5 Chibi, +15 Genesis Alpha)
  • maximum level of bred animals: 701 (after birth) and 850 (leveled out)
  • Number of animals per strain: 175 on Ragnarok and 250 on all other maps in the cluster (count towards the animal limit should not the animals in cryocapsules and vivariums)
  • Cave damage: 30 times
  • Damage numbers are deactivated
  • Crosshair: only active on Ragnarok, Valguero and The Island
  • Corpse finder, Location on the map and third person are activated
  • Loot remains in place for 30 minutes in the event of death
  • Upon reaching level 170 you will be Tek replicator and Tek transmitter unlocked
  • Upon reaching level 185 that will Tek light unlocked
  • Water connections are possible without water (with SS intake)
  • Trib size: 1-5 players, max. 4 tribes per alliance and max. 4 alliances per tribe
  • Alliances: on all maps
  • Anti-tribehobbing: Cooldown of the tribeslots 24 hours
  • mind wipe can be carried out indefinitely with a cooldown of 24 hours
  • Flying animals are allowed to fly in caves, except Valguero
  • Bring about death of one's own character: Enter "/ suicide" as a message in the chat (you can find more chat commands in the Discord channel # ingame chat commands)
  • Riddle cave on Ragnarok is not accessible, Boss arena cannot be completed on Ragnarok (use the other maps in the cluster for the bosses)
  • Wyvern: Icewyverns are only found on Ragnarok, fire, lightning and poison wyverns only live on Scorched Earth.
  • Vacuum Compartment: are allowed, but can only be used in water
  • safe base on Ragna: 60 foundations diameter, 10k structure limit
  • Glass components have a minimum transparency defined on the server side
  • Achievements and quest lines in the cluster (except for residences)
  • Rename the trunk possible every 30 days
  • Platform saddle: Automatic turrets and teleporters are forbidden, Tek Generator is allowed, multi-storey building is allowed, maximum structures: 256 on Ragnarok and 64 on all other maps.

Taming settings

  • Taming multiplier 12 times
  • Food rate 1x

Breeding settings

  • Mating interval 0.005 Ragnarok
  • Pairing speed on all PvP maps and the residences twice as fast as on Ragna
  • Breeding multiplier 40-times (hatching speed)
  • Waxing speed 12-times (Ragna) and 45-times (all others, including residences)
  • Eating speed 18 times
  • Imprinten works with all animals to 100% with pacifier (Pacifier Engram Lvl 20)

Locked engrams

  • SS-Nanny (use the pacifier)
  • SS mutator
  • SS missile turret and S + flamethrower
  • SS clone chamber and clone chamber (Tek)

Animal migration

The animals can be found on the maps they originally came from.

  • On Ragnarok are disabled: Allosaurus | Alpha Carnotaurus | Alpha Leedsichtis | Alpha Megalodon | Alpha Mosasaurus | Alpha Raptor | Alpha T-Rex | Alpha Tusoteuthis | Ammonites | Araneo | Archeopterix | Arthropluera | Chalicotherium | Coelacanth | Dimetrodon | Diplocaulus | Dunkleosteus | Electrophorus | Eurypterid | Giant Bee | Giganotosaurus | Hesperornis | Kentrosaurus | Manta | Megalania | Megaloceros | Meganeura | Megatherium | Mosasaurus | Otter | Oviraptor | Pachy | Pachyrhinosaurus | Plesiosaurus | Queen Bee | Sabertooth Salmon | Spinosaurus | Tapejara | Thylacoleo | Titanosaur | Trilobite |
  • These animals migrated to Scorched Earth: Alpha Deathworm | Alpha Wyvern | Deathworm | Fire Wyvern | Jerboa | Lightning Wyvern | Lymantria | Mantis | Morellatops | Oil Jug Bug | Phoenix | Poison Wyvern | Rock Elemental | Rubble Golem | Thorny Dragon | Vulture | Water jug ​​bug
  • On Valguero these animals are deactivated and emigrated to Scorched Earth: Alpha Deathworm | Alpha Wyvern | Deathworm | Fire Wyvern | Jerboa | Lightning Wyvern | Lymantria | Mantis | Morellatops | Oil Jug Bug | Phoenix | Poison Wyvern | Rock Elemental | Rubble Golem | Thorny Dragon | Vulture | Water jug ​​bug
  • On Valguero these animals are deactivated and emigrated after aberration: Basilisk | Featherlight | glowtail | Karkinos

Generft in the cluster

  • managarmr - nerfed on aberration and genesis (does no damage and can't stand it)
  • ferox - works in small + large form only on Genesis. You can take it with you on all other maps, but it is useless there. (does no harm and can't take it)
  • Astrocethus - nerfed for aberration (does no damage and does not endure anything)
  • Engram Hover Skiff - switched off on aberration
  • vacuum compartment - Can only be used in the water on all maps (except Ragna)
  • TEK Force Field - cannot be built on a platform saddle

Inactivity and disintegration of structures

On all servers, your structures will expire over time if you do not log in. Except in the residences.

If the structures are not destroyed during your absence, they are after these periods of time adoptable:

  • Straw after 8 days
  • Wood / clay after 16 days
  • Stone after 24 days
  • Greenhouse after 32 days
  • Metal / glass after 32 days
  • Tek after 40 days

If the structures are not destroyed or taken over during your absence, expire after these periods of time:

  • Straw after 8,8 days
  • Wood / clay after 17,6 days
  • Stone after 26,4 days
  • Greenhouse 35,2
  • Metal / glass after 35,2 days
  • Tek after 44 days

Animals disintegrate on Ragnarok after 43,5 days. You are not adoptable.

Simple beds disintegrate in about 8-11 days. Super Structures Seamless beds last about 18 days due to mods.

Safe base shields do not expire by themselves, we remove them as soon as no more building structures can be seen. ORP disintegrate 28 days after you last logged in.

In-game chat commands

Give the command in bold in the chat line in the game. Quite normal, like you would send a message to everyone.

  • / suicide - bring about death of one's own character
  • /ORP - Query the ORP charging time
  • / showlimits - Number of structures built
  • / dinolimits - Number of your animals and limitations
  • / unlockengrams - automatically unlocks all engrams up to your level
  • / stats <1> - Your playing time for the achievements. (Leaderboard on Ragnarok or the ORP maps)
  • / stats <2> - Animals killed and tamed. (Leaderboard on non-Safebase maps)
  • / stats <3> - Killed players (leaderboard on non-Safebase maps)
  • / stats <4> - Wild animals killed (leaderboard on Ragnarok or on non-Safebase maps in the cluster)
  • / stats <5> - Domesticated animals (leaderboard on Ragnarok or on non-Safebase maps in the cluster)
  • / stats <6> - Killed by players (leaderboard on non-Safebase maps)
  • / stats <7> - Killed by tamed animals (leaderboard on non-Safebase maps)
  • / stats <8> - Killed by wild animals (leaderboard on Ragnarok or on non-Safebase maps in the cluster)
  • / achievements - Your achievements and what is still ahead of you
  • / mystats - Your personal stats
  • / dachievements - Daily overview
  • / dstats - Daily leaderboard
  • / dctokens - Shows you how many color tokens you have (donation store)
  • / sdcr - activates a color token (donation store)
  • / sdc - with this you can color the color regions of your dinosaur
  • / savedc - saves the colored dinosaur as a template for this species
  • / listdc - lists all templates that you have saved for this species
  • / loaddc - transfers the template to the dino
  • / tokens - Shows you how many gender tokens you have (donation store)
  • / cg - changes the sex of your dinosaur

PvP season

Each PvP season has its own setting and runs on changing maps. Information about the current or soon to start season: More Info


Here you can find a list of the currently known problems between the maps, the installed mods and the base game in our cluster, which are caused by incompatible programming:

Super structuresEngrams Crosstravel Element / Element to convertThe items made with the Super Structures Auto Crafter become unusable.Craft engrams in inventory only.
SafeBaseWild dinosaur spawn pointsThe spawn points are not always overwritten by the SafeBase shield.Build defenses inside the SafeBase shield.
SafeBaselarge dinosaurs (wild or tamed)These dinosaurs can sometimes head through the shield and cause damage.Build defenses inside the SafeBase shield.
SafeBaseSuper Structures teleportersDinos can be teleported out of the shield with a teleporter.Set up the teleporter in the shield.
Super structuresVanilla componentsThe combination of Super Structures and Vanilla components can lead to decorative and / or functional problems, for example the greenhouse effect can be lost.Build buildings with either Super Structures or Vanilla parts.
Super structuresitemsWhen recording a dedicated storage, all items above the 600k limit are destroyed.Manually empty dedicated storages below 600k.
Super structuresSuper Structures teleportersTeleporter becomes public as soon as it is painted.Make the teleporter public and then close it again.
HG stacking modHover skiffsThe inventory of the hover skiff only takes 1.000 elements, another element disappears.Do not fill inventory with more than 1.000 items.
Super structuresAnimal limit for player / tribeIf you keep a vivarium and the freed animals exceed your animal limit, these animals will be automatically deleted.Pay attention to your animal limit, which is shown in your inventory.
Super structureschainsawHard server lags.Use a Therizinosaurus.
Super structuresMedicinal pigHard server lags.Do not use the handheld teleporter or regular teleporter to keep your pigs active.

This list is incomplete. Please report any incompatibilities you notice in the TS, Discord or ingame. Thanks!