About Us

BlackGoatGaming combines unofficial game servers for ARK: Survival Evolved, a discord exclusive to players, and this website.

Our goal is to bring you the best of Ark. With our balanced settings, rates, mods, and experience, this will be Long-term cluster a good place for fun and fair play.

Here you can find out who is behind this project and what admins do on our servers - and what they don't. Which technology is behind our servers and when you should expect restarts or storage lags.

But one thing first: There are only two admins and these are the server operators themselves.

With all the accumulated knowledge and the extensive experience of keeping a server cluster free of wipes for so long - all of this would be worthless without the strongest and most lovable community ... since ARK has existed 😉

Get to know them right away! Or are you already part of BlackGoatGaming? Great, then we'll see you on the Discord or on the servers. Nice that you're here! <3

WerwolfSM - Root and Game Admin

What does a game server stand and fall with? Exactly. With his hardware, with the settings, with the continuous support, nights spent and daily tasks.

Our game servers are the heart of the project. The fact that they purr smoothly and willingly take on ARK is the work of WerwolfSM.

  • Project manager [BlackGoatGaming]
  • Root Admin [entire BlackGoatCluster]
  • game admin
  • Web Admin [Discord]
  • Contact person for players with technical problems

René is 40 and works full-time in shifts.

Contact: in game and Discord

Steinelfe - Web and Game Admin

Steinelfe is the fairy godmother behind the scenes. Their responsibility lies in the conception, design, performance and every word on blackgoatgaming.com. She also looks after the financial and legal side of the BlackGoatGaming project.

  • Project manager [BlackGoatGaming]
  • Webmaster [website https://blackgoatgaming.com]
  • Accountant [cost management and ARc]
  • game admin
  • Web Admin [Discord]
  • Contact person for questions about reward points, donations and the website

Sophia is 39 and self-employed.

Contact: in game, Discord and Email

Game admins at BlackGoatGaming

At least once a week (but mostly more often) we, Werwolf and Steinelfe, are out on the servers in "admin matters".

The reason is mostly that we tear down inactive bases on Ragnarok, remove empty safebase shields, edit the RewardVault, fix rule violations or even rush to help if someone blocks the bosses.

All admin commands are in the Discord channel #admin-log. You can read about when we execute which commands.

Sometimes it can happen that this results in larger lag or we have to restart a server. We will announce this in advance if possible and give everyone time to get to safety. And we try to schedule such interventions in non-productive times, if it can be arranged.

We are at least as happy to help as we are working on this project ... but we have consistently had a few things right from the start should not did:

What belongs CAN'T to the tasks of the game admins?

  • Replace items and dinosaurs that have been lost through disconnects, updates, patches, bugs, mods, lags or your own fault
  • Interventions in the tribal hierarchy (e.g. if the tribal leader becomes inactive or someone accidentally leaves his tribe)

How do we punish rule violations?

Most of the rule violations are trapped beaver dams on Ragnarok ... nothing earth-shattering. We try to reach the affected player via Discord or ingame. If both are unsuccessful or if it is inactive for at least 7 days, we remove the blocking structures.

And then there are the other rule violations ... against morality, exploiting bugs and incompatibilities, playing with ini, meshing, poaching attempts. All the things that don't “happen” to a player out of carelessness.

Verbal offensesWe punish such as personal insults (“son of a bitch”), threats (“I'll make you dead”) or hate speech with clear warnings up to and including permanent banishment. The severity of the penalty depends on how often a player is so abusive and - let's address it openly - on intuition.

Of course there are other rule violations as well. The game developers left the door wide open for this. All, what we prove unambiguously we also punish. That definitely includes meshing. Anyone who builds bases under / outside the game world has no business with us. If we find such a base, the affected trunk is permanently banned by hardware ID. Without exception.

One word too Ratholes. As soon as it is locked, the user is in violation of the rules. If you continue to use a locked Rathole (Meshhole), you lose everything on the map and gain a time-out / Permaban.

Who that ORP illegally uses, may look for another playground.

Does someone use the Incompatibilities for themselves or dup, he too must expect severe time penalties or not being allowed to play on our servers in the future.

And then there are those Gray areas, the guesswork, the things that can't really be proven. For example, when someone does area damage through thin structures because they think they cannot take on another player in open PvP. We don't think it is intelligent - but it can hardly be clearly proven. And because that is so, we give to all players Tipshow they can protect themselves as much as possible against such players. We are constantly working to limit the possibilities for such rule violations.

Hardware Features

Location of the two root servers: Germany

Intel I9 9900K
64GB DDR4 Ram 2666Mhz
2 x 1TB NVMe PCIe 3.0
guaranteed 1 GBit / s connection

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
2 x 3,84TB NVMe PCIe 4.0
guaranteed 1 GBit / s connection

Restarts and maintenance times

Daily restart
Ragnarok - 03:00 a.m.
Lanzarote - 03:00 a.m.
Aberration - 03:10 a.m.
Extinction - 03:30 p.m.
The Island - 03:30 a.m.
Genesis - 03:40 a.m.
Genesis 2 - 03:50 a.m.
Scorched Earth - 03:50 a.m.
Lost Island - 06:00 a.m.

Restart on Mondays and Fridays
BlackGoatFish 'n' PvP - 06:00 a.m.

The restart times may differ if players do not log out immediately. In the Discord channel # server-online you can find the online status of each server.

Save points: every 60 minutes (you may feel short lags when saving)

Why save points? If one of the servers crashes, it is better to lose just one hour of game progress. This is very rare, but it is better to be careful, right?

Please leave the server quickly as soon as the in-game message announces the restart. We do not reimburse any equipment, animals or characters lost due to late logout.

Discord channel #serverstatus: Technical advice